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Coroner Maria Voisin found the NHS as a corporate organisation contributed to Becky's death.

She found the service that was supposed to be looking after her was so under-funded and under-resourced its failure 'contributed to her death by neglect'.

Becky's mother, Nicky Romero, 46, said: 'I can't say I'm happy - that is the wrong word because my daughter is dead, but I do feel like this is the start of getting justice for Becky.' (pictured: Darren North, Nicky Romero, Tony Romero and Ana Romero)Becky's care was not as good as it could have been because there were no beds or places available at the city's only adolescent mental health unit, Riverside, around six weeks before her death.

Ms Voisin said Becky's death was accidental - in that it could not be certain she intended to take her own life - but that it was the result of neglect.

No church today would dream of admonishing or reproving, let alone excommunicating a member because of sexual misconduct.

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