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It’s a double gift – in one action you are letting your friend or family member know that the community will be improved thanks to them AND you’ll be supporting a local charity. There are even more ways to go green this holiday season: Switch to LEDS for your holiday lighting to save energy and money.Recycle older holiday light strings by bringing them to several retail locations, or mail them to holiday light recycling programs. County residents of single-family homes and townhomes can recycle Christmas trees and wreaths at the curb on their regular recycling collection day.

Visit the What Goes in Which Bin page for more information.

Collections will continue throughout the festive period but please be aware that your collection day will change for a few weeks.

View the Waste Collection Calendar for Your Property Revised collection dates for the Christmas period are shown below: Real Christmas trees can be put out next to your green bin for composting in January.

If the tree is taller than your bin, please chop it down to the size of your bin.

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