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The only remaining First Period evidence is the frame of the core structure, traditionally dated c. The frame is quirk-beaded on all exposed timbers, and thus must be dated to the early 18th century (perhaps c. There are three bays in this section, divided on both floors by an exposed quirk-beaded tie beam.

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Notes: This house has a marker with the date ‘1665’ prominently displayed on its facade.

Morrill, and from at least 1872 through 1884 it was owned and occupied by Albert B. Possibly a First Period house, with uneven spacing of bays, one-room depth with a two-story rear leanto, and flush eaves suggesting its early date.

The original Macy-Colby House was built by Thomas Macy, probably about 1649, and sold to Anthony Colby in 1654.

The Ferry District was one of Amesbury’s earliest settlements, dating from the 17th century.

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