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The Nazis’ plan to assassinate Winston Churchill hinges on their man impersonating RAF Group Captain James Roberts.To test their plan, they’ll first see if he can fool Roberts’ old army buddy: Col. Carter’s acting skills are put to the test when he must convince the Nazis that he’s a chemist and willing to turn traitor.While the Allies prepare for the Normandy Invasion, Hogan’s team is given the job of distracting Hitler’s general staff-so Hogan "promotes" Klink to the rank of General!

He might pull it off, if someone doesn’t assassinate him before he can learn the location of the chemical plant.

After a kidnapper grabs the wrong target, Hogan must convince Burkhalter and Hochstetter that Klink is worth rescuing.

Timeline: Klink tells Hogan the Germans will stop the Allies from Capturing Munich-which was captured in March 1945.

Lost in Saigon, Forgive this question from an ancient from the clockwork era, but I take it the rectangles 'inside' the tanks are the fuel pumps?

Three mobile rocket launchers are aimed at London and awaiting detonation, or destruction.

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