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This promotional angle was specifically built around Scott and Tessa's honesty, transparency, sincerity, and genuine character. (I don't know if describing your personalities as genuine, sincere, etc., rather than using the words "honest" or "the truth" to describe the content of the show you're promoting, constitutes a technical out, but marketing guidelines are ALL about those semantics.) 5. They frequently introduce the subject of their relationship, using every social media, legit media and reality television manipulation and flat out lie under the sun. Scott and Tessa use the same platforms they use to lie to the public to promote their sponsors. Does this mean a public figure can basically tell any lie they want about their personal circumstances on social media, market it, and have it be validated by legitimate media, sponsors, other public figures?

Scott and Tessa repeatedly portray the public as self-deceived in wishing or wrongly suspecting that Scott and Tessa would ever be or are together as a couple. Any review of fan discussion outside this one blog will demonstrate, going back years, that fans do not and did not challenge Scott and Tessa's version of their relationship, and Scott and Tessa were not and are not responding to persistent or vocal skepticism from fans.

They repeatedly did entire interviews in print and video where that was all that was discussed.

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I imagine nobody at the FTC/Canadian Competition Bureau is even aware this sort of thing exists - Scott and Tessa are unique, after all.

With the internet, rules and guidelines evolve in response to issues as they come up.

But other than that, I honestly don't recall Fedor at all except when their was talk about him via the boards, I think that's the time he made his debut on American t.v.?

Lol, and yes, the only program I recall from him was the one wherein he wore wings!?!

#16.2k Hey Kaitlyn Lawes lost all other punctuation on her keyboard/phone!

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