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It is interesting to note that Asian men–who presumably live among Asian women–don’t prefer them over other ethnicities.This suggests how powerful stereotypes can be for the preference.It also extends to Western women preferring Asian men.

These contradictions extend to any ideal female, but Asian women are seen as the living embodiment of these ideals.

The American Occupation of Japan after WWII cemented these ideas.

Yellow fever is the strong sexual preference some men have for East Asian women–Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

These men feel more attraction toward Asians than other groups of women, often to the point where a man can struggle to form relationships with women of his own ethnicity or with non-Asian women (Chang, 2006; Chow, 2013).

Japanese prostitutes, often posing as geisha and other exotic women, serviced American soldiers and precipitated the idea of the East Asian as a sexual goddess.

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