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“I view a trip to the bike shop with about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist,” she confided.

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I am not curvy and wore baggy shorts, a scruffy t-shirt and kept my brown hair in a plait.

And British Cycling has pointed to the lack of female representation on its own board, pledging to recruit women board members to help even the playing field.” “I’ve been chased, threatened and even had bottles thrown at me – but never when I’m with my boyfriend,” confided another UK-based female cyclist.

To build powerful muscle, you need to consume lots of high-quality protein.

Women have much lower levels of testosterone than men (around 15% less), and higher levels of body fat (around 10% more).

‘ confirms what we already knew – there are a lot of women who want to cycle but are worried they’re going to take on Hulk-esque qualities. Cycling, alongside a healthy diet, will result in a lean physique for most people.

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