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His knees buckled, and he dropped to sit on the top step, suddenly unable to stand any longer. Electrico was glad Josh wasn’t present to see the weakness which had stolen over him. Electrico heard the love in his voice, but he also heard the exasperation, and knew he should answer immediately.

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“It’s not your fault,” Josh said, louder than he’d left off. If you can’t even remember that, it’s just one more reason you shouldn’t have it.” Josh stooped to pick up the sword, then turned toward the garage.

Instead, he stayed in place, continuing to squeeze words out, words obviously as difficult to speak as they were to hear. You shouldn’t be doing things like that, doing the things you once did. You had to have used a ladder, or else how would you have gotten it down from where I stored it in the garage? The sudden movement left him dizzy, forcing him to press one hand against the wall to remain steady. That’s all I have left.” “Then what’s it doing down here with you up there?

“Later, Grandpa,” said Josh upon his return from the garage. He loved the park, the way his scanning of the unpopulated vista brought back memories of the beginnings of things–the tents still unrolled, the ferris wheel unconstructed, the rubes asleep in their homes, and he needed that feeling now more than ever. He could still remember where the park was, couldn’t he? The kid smiled, patting the sand beside him, and as Mr. “Why are you know, know what he hadn’t known before, but merely suspected. The past and the present rubbed up against each other in this place. Because if he squinted, and imagined, and remembered, he could see from one to the other. Sometimes, in this place, he could see much better with them closed.

Don’t try to find this again.” “Josh,” he said, as his grandson vanished, seeming no more or less real than the boy who had vanished on his arrival. Electrico would have shouted if he could, but he had no more energy with which to shout. Electrico said nothing as Josh walked up the stairs and squeezed past to his own bedroom. He’d head toward the park, he decided, where he’d spent most of the previous night. As he stood in indecision, fearful of choosing the wrong way, even more fearful of choosing no way at all, his breath turned to mist in the cool night air, and as that cloud pulsed, appearing and disappearing with each exhalation, through it, off on the nearest corner, under a streetlight, he could see Ray, waving the sword over his head, doing mock battle with a moth which hovered above him. He could make out his outline in the distance, always on the verge of disappearing, and as Mr. They moved through the night this way, twisting and turning along the maze of the subdivisions, the kid continually pausing off in the distance just long enough to be sure he was seen, but no longer, and then taking off again as soon as Mr. For a moment, as he looked around, he thought he’d lost the kid, but there he was, sitting not on a bench, sitting not on the grass, but off in the empty playground, plopped on a mound of sand in front of the rut beneath the swings, a mound kicked high by the feet of a thousand children. Electrico, having to catch his breath to get even that single short sentence out.

But once he’d spent enough time wasting time, enough to keep Josh happy at least, and was ready to turn back…he no longer recalled how to get home.

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