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But this is a meaningless argument: the effects of ECT are transient, and typically must be maintained with periodic ECT or medication.Damning ECT for this reason is like dismissing dialysis because a patient went into kidney failure a month after treatment.

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2011; 77(6):993-5 (ISSN: 1532-2777) Abstract "Involuntary medication is one of the coercive measures used in psychiatry. Imagine waking up on a mattress on the floor half an hour later feeling dazed and confused, only to discover you have soiled yourself but don’t remember why.

We argue that direct extrapolation of placebo and nocebo effects of psychiatric medication in the voluntary setting to the situation of coercive treatment is probably not justified. This is the reality of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), under anesthesia but without consent in India" "The Indian Psychiatric Society meets this weekend and should take a strong and clear stand against unmodified ECT and the use of ECT without free and informed consent.

Peter Breggin, in his video, refers viewers to his website,, and his list of “More than 125 Scientific Articles” that support his claim that ECT is “brain damage.” But this list is dominated by newspaper articles, letters to the editor, personal experiences and opinion pieces.

Twenty-four citations date to 1960 or earlier, and fifteen have nothing whatsoever to do with ECT, focusing rather on effects to the brain from stroke or traumatic brain injury.

There are exactly three articles on the entire list that address the question of whether ECT is effective; these are review articles summarizing the psychiatric literature comparing ECT to a control condition known as “sham” ECT, in which patients believe they are getting ECT, and are actually put under general anesthesia, but receive no electrical stimulus.

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